Instructions for Completing the
ICRA Registration Form

ITEM 1 - Cultivar Name/Denomination of Variety Proposed for Registration
Please enter here the generic name of your rose variety, whether in the form of a coded denomination or of a fancy denomination. If you wish to use a coded denomination and have not previously been assigned a three-letter prefix for inclusion in the Cultivar Name/Denomination, please contact the ICRA. In all cases the generic cultivar name/denomination in Item 1 will be the ICRA registered name/denomination for the variety.

DO NOT place any trademark information in Item 1. (see Item 7)

Please note the following information to facilitate your registration:

  • If you are proposing to register the rose variety with a generic name/denomination which includes the surname of an individual or the registered name of an organization, please submit a letter of authorization from said individual (or appropriate family member) or organization.

  • Cultivar names/denominations must be different from any other rose name/denomination.

  • Cultivar names/denominations must not be a translation of the name/denomination of another rose variety.

  • Cultivar names/denominations must not exaggerate the merits of a rose variety.

  • Cultivar names/denominations must not be the same as the botanical or common name of another plant species.

  • Cultivar names/denominations must not include the words cross, hybrid, grex, group, maintenance, seedling, mutant, selection, sport, or strain (or the plural forms of these words), improved, or transformed (or equivalents in any language).

  • Cultivar names/denominations may not contain punctuation marks except for the apostrophe ('), the comma (,), a single exclamation mark (!), the hyphen (-), or the period or full-stop (.).

  • Cultivar names/denominations must consist of no more than 10 syllables and nor more than 30 letters or characters overall, excluding spaces and the demarcating marks.

It is preferred that the coded denomination be pronounceable.

No conditions other than those referred to above are imposed for the formation of rose variety names/denominations identifying rose varieties.
ITEM 2 - Synonyms
Specify all non-proprietary synonyms and country where each is used, if known.
DO NOT place any trademark information in Item 2. (see Item 7)
ITEM 5 - Description
Horticultural Class
Use the list published by the ICRA as a guideline to determine the class. If the classification proposed is not listed, please check "Other" and enter the classification in the box provided.
Indicate preferred Color Classification (see list published by the ICRA). Common color names (e.g., red, yellow) may be prefixed by the terms "light", "medium", or "dark". Describe the color of the upper petal surface (the surface seen when looking down into a typical, fresh, open bloom) AND the color of the under petal surface (reverse). Information from RHS Color Charts may also be indicated. If actual color of the rose differs from the photo/slide (see below), describe the differences.
Registrants are strongly encouraged to submit photographs of all cultivars to be considered for registration. Photographs are required for registration of sports/mutations. Photographs may be submitted as prints, as digital images, or as slides/transparencies. Prints and slides/transparencies cannot be returned. Please mail prints or slides to:
    American Rose Society
    C/O Registration Committee
    8877 Jefferson Paige Rd
    Shreveport, LA 71119
Digital images may be submitted in .BMP, .GIF, .TIF, or .JPG format. Images may be submitted on CD-Rom or on PC-compatible format diskette and mailed to the above adress, or they may be submitted by email to Chairman, Registration Committee.
Specify, if known. If the parents are unknown seedlings, please specify the cross from which they were derived, if known; otherwise, indicate the class and color if each parent, where possible.
Sports (Mutations)
Information must be provided as to the variety of origin and as to how this sport (mutation) is distinct from its variety of origin or other sports/mutations of the same variety of origin which are known to the applicant. A photo print, slide/transparency, or digital image must be provided. (see Photo, above).
ITEM 7 - Trademark(s)
Breeders or introducers who are using trademarks for the promotion and marketing of the above-identified rose variety are invited to indicate them here, using the proper symbols: � for non-registered trademarks and � for registered trademarks. Any relevant information so that anyone concerned may be informed of their proprietary nature and of the obligation to obtain the trademark owner's permission as to their commercial use may also be supplied.
ITEM 8 - Signature/Date
Name of the submitter must be entered. Submitter must be the breeder or introducer, or an authorized agent thereof.

The ICRA will assist you with any questions you may have.

International Cultivar Registration Authority - Roses
C/O The American Rose Society
P.O. Box 30,000
Shreveport, LA 71130-0030 USA
Voice: (318) 938-5402
FAX: (318) 938-5405

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