International Cultivar Registration Authority - Roses
Application for Registration of a New Rose Variety

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1. Denomination/cultivar name of the variety which is proposed for registration: [Do not list trademark(s) here.]

   Please note: If an authorization release form is required for use of this denomination, it must be submitted separately by mail or fax to the American Rose Society.
2A. Synonyms, if any: [Do not list trademark(s) here.] 2B. Countries of use:
3A. Name/Address of Breeder: 3B. Name/Address of Introducer:
Postal Code
4. Probable First Introduction: Country: Year:
5. Description: For each category, please CHECK or FILL IN the appropriate information.
Horticultural Class
ARS Horticultural Class: If OTHER, please enter class designation here:
Flower: (see Instructions; please submit digital image, color photo, or slide, if available)
Color: ARS Color Class:
Upper Petal Surface: Under Petal Surface:
Photo: None Will email digital Will submit by regular mail
Size (relative to other varieties in the same class): Actual Size: (Inches/Centimeters)
Bloom Habit:
Size: Shape: Color:
Size (relative to other varieties in the same class): Small Medium Large
Color: Light Green Medium Green Dark Green Other:
Surface: Dull/Matte Semi-glossy Glossy Other:
Growth Habit:
Habit: Upright Compact Spreading Bushy Other:
Height: Short Medium Tall Inches/Feet/Centimeters/Meters:
Use of Variety (e.g., groundcover, pillar, hedge):
Seed (female):
Pollen (male):
Sport (mutation of):
6. Other important characteristics, if any.
7. Trademarks used in commerce by applicant with respect to above-named variety: (optional)
8. Submitter:

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